About Us

Who We Are

We are a small business that specializes in designing, building, and integrating secure software applications that help organizations run more efficiently. We are experts in performing software development using an Agile delivery methodology and have a proven track record of implementing DevSecOps tools and practices. We also provide full life cycle implementation support for large scale Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, such as SAP, and regularly help our clients implement powerful reporting and analytics capabilities to strengthen their greater competitive edge.

Army IT Day Medium We chose the name "BridgePhase" because it is intertwined with everything we do. For example, we build software applications which “bridge together” and integrate disparate IT systems. We also hire software engineers who thrive working in an Agile world, where we work in a constant partnership with our clients, “bridging gaps” through constant collaboration and transparency. We also work on projects where traditional organizational silos are broken down, and development, operations, and security teams are “bridged” together under a culture of accountability, collaboration, and unwavering mission focus. There are other examples as well, but you probably get the idea by now.

We primarily support the Federal Government, where our experience includes working with the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Citizenship and Immigration Services, Transportation Security Administration, Department of Agriculture, and multiple organizations within the Intelligence community. We are continually recognized by our customers and partners for our commitment to providing high quality services for every project that we deliver. We have invested heavily in establishing a corporate infrastructure to support growth, maintain compliance, and maximize the quality of our work. We have also built an extremely effective staffing and recruiting process, and constantly demonstrate exceptional capabilities in finding highly qualified candidates across various technical areas with clearance requirements up to the Top-Secret level.