Cloud Migrations

BridgePhase has proven experience helping organizations migrate applications and services to cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our experience includes the migration of large business systems to cloud environments, as well as migrating and refactoring custom applications into cloud-native digital services using technology such as infrastructure-as-code, network-as-code, and automated testing.

Migrations of Business Systems - On multiple projects, BridgePhase has performed end-to-end migrations of large-scale ERP systems from on-premise data centers to secure cloud environments. This includes experience supporting the end-to-end migration of entire ERP landscapes (applications, databases, and ancillary support systems) to high performing, scalable, and secure cloud environments with minimal downtime.

Application Transformation – We also transform legacy software applications into high performing, scalable cloud native digital services based on modern software architecture design principals such as microservices. During this process, our engineers evaluate the architecture and technology stack of existing applications to determine the extent to which refactoring will need to be applied to fully utilize cloud services, while reducing risk by ensuring application availability and backwards compatibility throughout the migration.

Application Re-hosting - When feasible, we also utilize a low-impact approach to application transformation which involves deploying existing applications to a cloud environment, providing the benefits of modern cloud infrastructure without the need to fully transform the application. During the migration process, we leverage infrastructure-as-code to ensure that the application can easily be provisioned and re-provisioned using automation, as well as extensive automated testing suites to establish a working application baseline specification prior to the migration.

Regardless of the cloud service provider or type of migration that your organization is considering, our team can provide you with the insights and experience necessary to further advance your organizations ability to leverage cloud services to increase performance, maximize scalability, improve functionality, leverage automation, and enforce rigorous security practices while realizing significant cost savings.

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