We are a small business that specializes in designing, building, and integrating secure software applications that help organizations advance their mission.

We are experts in performing software development using an Agile delivery methodology, which begins with a user centered design approach that focuses on maximizing user value by understanding and empathizing with user needs. Our team iteratively builds and delivers software using a proven DevSecOps approach that consists of both technical and interpersonal processes which enable organizations to leverage automation, collaboration, and data to deliver business value faster and more securely. We also provide full life cycle implementation support for large scale commercial IT modernization efforts, and regularly help our clients implement powerful reporting and analytics capabilities to strengthen their greater competitive edge.

The name "BridgePhase" was chosen because creating bridging gaps - whether writing or integrating software, or within an organization - represents everything we do. We build software applications which bridge together and integrate IT systems and solves problems for customers, starting with a design process which focuses on closing the gap between what end users need and what is delivered. We hire software engineers who thrive working in an Agile world, where we work in a constant partnership with our clients through constant collaboration and transparency. We also work on projects where traditional organizational silos are broken down, and teams are integrated under a culture of accountability, collaboration, and unwavering mission focus.