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BridgePhase’s Approach to Creating Efficiencies Through Iterative Design.

Most goals of a system are to create efficiencies, which makes design one of, if not the most, important components in the software engineering lifecycle. Strategic design leads to usability and reducing opportunities for error, and with that comes effectiveness and efficiency. A system can have innovative technologies, rigorous security, and fast response times, but if an end user cannot use a system with ease, then have the goals and purpose of the system really been acheived?


Going Serverless: How BridgePhase harnessed serverless technologies to redesign the company website.

Have you ever wondered how "serverless" can benefit your organization? We dive into the serverless architecture that we used to make secure, fast, and highly available. We also examine the financial operations (FinOps) approach that reduced our website cloud spend by more than 90%.