What We Do


AI, Automation & Data

Digital technologies are now deeply integrated into nearly every aspect of society. From everyday consumer activities to cutting edge research and military operations, we rely on digital solutions to enable our way of life. The ubiquitous nature of digital technology adoption has resulted in a proliferation of data, sometimes referred to as "big data", and has enabled opportunities for automation to provide unprecedented efficiency and performance improvements.

BridgePhase helps organizations harness data and automation by providing expertise and services related to analytics, data management and operations (a.k.a. DataOps), disaster recovery planning, Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

We incorporate the most advanced technologies and sophisticated, experience-based practices into securing data and maximizing quality so organizations can leverage the value of their data consistently and securely. Our proven approach to DataOps ensures that our customers have continuously high levels of Privacy, Availability, Integrity, and Quality (PAIQ – Pronounced “PAY-K”) – which provides the foundation required for innovation and new value streams.

To unlock new value streams, we harness the power of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline workflows, maximize resource efficiency, solve previously unsolvable problems, and gain unparalleled data-driven insights. Our approach to maximizing the business value of automation and AI is based on our unique Hybrid AI approach that emphasizes the complementary use of RPA and ML models to provide both deterministic and statistical automation methods. At the core of our automation and AI approach is exceptional software development and DevSecOps capabilities that enable rapid iteration and delivery of automation and AI capabilities that work together through well-defined interfaces.


Cloud & Platforms

There are two types of organizations. The first type delivers business value through products and services that require underlying compute, network, and storage resources but the value stream is not dependent on the underlying resources themselves. Move the product or service onto different infrastructure, a new network, or reconfigure the backing storage and the value delivered by the organization remains unchanged – the product is not the platform. The second type of organization delivers business value by providing compute, network, and storage resources that have been packaged into managed services offerings that themselves are the product/service offered by the organization. The abstraction layer provided by this type of organization is itself the value stream – the platform is the product.

Both types of organizations have something in common – they benefit from the flexibility, speed, standardization, and security provided by abstraction layers and managed service offerings of Cloud Computing and Platforms. BridgePhase provides organizations with the Cloud and Platform expertise require to deliver business value quickly and consistently in a dynamic world of changing requirements and priorities.

We help organizations at any point in their digital transformation and/or modernization journeys to harness the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud by using our experience with cloud provider specific adoption frameworks, numerous compliance programs/standards, infrastructure-as-code best practices, and Zero Trust Security implementations. Our team incorporates a proven Financial Operations (FinOps) approach into the full lifecycle of cloud adoption to maximize the value delivered while optimizing cloud spend.

Platforms, especially Kubernetes based container orchestration platforms, provide an additional abstraction layer that can be leveraged to run any workload on any infrastructure in virtually any location on the planet. We help organizations build, deploy, and operate platforms in any network topology including on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and edge locations. Whether an organization is building a platform from scratch or simply wants to accelerate and standardize application delivery in an infrastructure agnostic way, our team provides the platform expertise needed to meet and exceed the organization’s objectives.


Design & User Experience

Whether an organization is “externally facing” and provides products and services that are consumed by customers outside of the organization or “internally” facing and delivers value streams for domains and consumers within the organization itself, the user experiences provided by the organization directly affect the organization’s efficiency, growth, and overall success. Providing exceptional user experiences does not happen by accident. It is the result of disciplined adherence to well defined design practices that maximize collaboration, simplicity, and value proposition.

BridgePhase helps organizations to design products and services that users love. Our approach focuses on lean product development and user centered design with an emphasis on maximizing user value by understanding and empathizing with user needs.

We use established UX strategies, UI visual design principles, and front-end engineering best practices to build prototypes that result in rapid deployment of MVPs. Our process starts with user interviews and collaboration with stakeholders through Discovery and Framing (D&F) sessions to convert real world business processes into discrete, well-defined, user stories that are incrementally implemented to create an enterprise level, user-centered, digital representation of business processes. Discovery is focused on problem space information gathering from users with varied backgrounds to build context for problem framing. Personas or other artifacts are established during the framing process to describe each problem from the perspective of a specific subset of users such that the goals, needs, and behaviors of the users are encapsulated and referencable. User empathic stories are then developed to address problem statements focused on the specific experience of a user persona.

Effective design can only result in delightful user experiences if the software, platforms, and infrastructure perform optimally and in concert. That’s why at BridgePhase we always complement our industry leading design practices with expert level, Agile-based software development and DevSecOps best practices to deliver holistic digital experiences that both look and perform exceptionally.


Digital Transformation

As the world becomes more connected and new technologies continue to permeate through our society, organizations must find ways to rapidly adapt to change to continue delivering business value. The ubiquity of digital technology in particular presents both challenges and opportunities for organizations. For example, organizations face the challenges of faster rates of change and increased susceptibility to nefarious uses of technology while at the same time are presented with opportunities to reach new customers, provide new or enhanced services, reduce costs, and increase process efficiencies. In other words, digital technologies present organizations with opportunities to do more, in less time, at lower costs.

BridgePhase helps organizations leverage digital technologies as part of a Digital Transformation process, and our expertise benefits organizations that are at any point in the process. Whether the organization has never heard of digital transformation or has been undergoing digital transformation for several years, we can provide insights and services to help identify and meet the objectives of the organization.

We partner with organizations to:

• Create and Refine Digital Strategy

• Assess and Modernize Infrastructure and IT Components

• Design and Develop Digital Applications

• Implement DevSecOps Practices and Technologies

• Modernize Existing Applications

• Enhance Experiences for Products and Services

• Evaluate and Identify Candidates for Automation

The Digital Transformation process is different for each organization because the culture, structure, and objectives of each organization is different. Our approach to digital transformation emphasizes the unique cultural and structural aspects of each organization while applying industry leading business management practices, years of experience from successful digital transformation efforts, and exceptional technical capabilities ranging from User Centered Design and Agile based software development to Cloud & Platform Engineering and Automation & AI/ML. With any digital transformation effort, regardless of the size of the organization or the complexity of the undertaking, the outcome should always result in greater agility, efficiency, and new value streams for the organization.

As new digital technologies and practices are incorporated into the ecosystem of an organization, it becomes increasingly important to establish automation, workflows, and governance models that build in quality and security by default. We help organizations accomplish this by adopting DevSecOps best practices that are based on four pillars: Organization, Technology, Process, and Governance. Our team provides organizations with the expertise in focus areas comprising these four pillars including CI/CD, Security and Test Automation, containerization, Kubernetes based platforms, Cloud Services, infrastructure-as-code (IaC), and a continuous security model that facilitates obtaining and maintaining a continuous ATO (C-ATO). The implementation of DevSecOps using the four pillars complements the Digital Transformation process - resulting in increased organizational responsiveness and a reduction of risk.

Tools & Technologies