What we do


User Centered Design

Our approach focuses on lean product development and user centered design with an emphasis on maximizing user value by understanding and empathizing with user needs.

We use established UX strategies, UI visual design principles, and front-end engineering best practices to build prototypes that result in rapid deployment of MVPs. Our process starts with user interviews and collaboration with stakeholders through Discovery and Framing (D&F) sessions to convert real world business processes into discrete, well-defined, user stories that are incrementally implemented to create an enterprise level, user-centered, digital representation of business processes. Discovery is focused on problem space information gathering from users with varied backgrounds to build context for problem framing. Personas or other artifacts are established during the framing process to describe each problem from the perspective of a specific subset of users such that the goals, needs, and behaviors of the users are encapsulated and referenceable. User empathic stories are then developed to address problem statements focused on the specific experience of a user persona.


DevSecOps & Agile

Our capabilities include utilizing the right technology stack to deliver innovative digital solutions using Agile delivery methodologies.

We create cloud native applications using open-source software packages through an approach that revolves around the principle of using automation to build security and quality into the development process “by default”. Our portfolio of projects also includes the design and implementation of independently scalable and deployable, containerized microservices using modernized cloud orchestration platforms. When implementing DevSecOps, our approach is to provide a framework that consists of both technical and interpersonal processes which enable organizations to leverage automation, collaboration, and data to deliver business value faster and more securely. We maximize developer and operational productivity by implementing automated tools to enable CI/CD, test automation, security assessment automation, infrastructure automation, and enterprise monitoring. Once CI and automated testing are in place, the customer can truly leverage the technical framework we build to support continuous delivery and continuous deployment, which ultimately improves the quality of software, shortens the delivery lifecycle, and enables the usage of automation to continuously meet cybersecurity requirements of their applications.


Platform Engineering

Our Platform Engineers utilize an extensive set of skills and experiences creating, deploying, and maintaining secure, scalable, and fault-tolerant software applications in order to continuously deliver secure software toolchains which enable IT organizations to fully unleash the power of DevSecOps practices such as continuous integration, automated testing, automated security scanning, and infrastructure automation.

Our platform engineering expertise allows us to provide our customers with end-to-end, multi-tenant, platform solutions using multiple orchestration approaches including Application as a Service, container orchestration, and Function as a Service that can be hosted using public cloud, private cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, or on-premises infrastructure. We design, create, and maintain complete toolchains to meet unique requirements, including high-side/low-side environment parity, auditing and compliance adherence, disaster recovery, and service level objectives of specific organizations. Comprehensive visibility is built into the toolchains that we deliver through a combination of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and integrated performance and security monitoring that provides metrics and insights for all compute, network, and storage resources.


Business Systems

We help organizations implement cloud-based applications designed to drive efficiencies, improve security, and increase user satisfaction.

With deep experience in areas such as ERP, CRM, Supply Chain, GRC, Identity Management, and Business Intelligence, our team is committed to helping our customers reduce implementation costs through the usage of innovative approaches by a team of subject matter experts who are relentlessly focused on our customers long-term success. We provide a comprehensive range of implementation services to include functional configuration, custom development, enterprise architecture support, systems and database administration, reporting, deployment support, training, and program management. We are also experts at helping organizations implement and integrate new SAP technology into their landscape, through both greenfield implementations or migrations from legacy SAP ERP technology to S/4 HANA. Our recent experience implementing modern SAP technologies is backed by a strong foundation of core SAP functional and technical skills needed to help our customers navigate the waters of implementing or migrating to next generation SAP solutions. We place a constant emphasis on continual education, and many of our consultants hold certifications in at the latest SAP product versions.


Data Management & Analytics

We build data management solutions which help our customers govern data effectively and securely in a sharable manner.

Our experience includes implementing solutions which facilitate data categorization, cleansing, metadata management and storage of various types of data, including imagery and video data, resulting in secure access of standardized data from users across the globe. Our approach has resulted in increased confidence in data used to support decision-making while empowering data scientists, engineers, and developers to access the data they need to build machine learning models, dashboards, or other business intelligence applications. For data visualization, we build interactive and descriptive dashboards, collaborating closely with users to understand their needs and pain points, and design a solution that addresses their entire experience and enables them to easily interpret data, discover trends, filter and customize views, and draw conclusions much more easily. Our team has also supported the engineering of machine learning applications which leveraged deep learning methods such as image classification and text extraction/recognition.


Security Engineering

Security engineering is embedded within virtually everything we do, and as a result, BridgePhase has a broad range of cyber related capabilities and experience.

Our software and platform engineers build tools that allow application development teams and DevSecOps teams to identify and remediate both quality and security issues using local development environments and CI/CD orchestration environments in order to shift-left on quality and security in such a way that risks can be mitigated as early in the implementation lifecycle as possible. The result is a modernized approach to the Risk Management Framework approach, in which automation is leveraged to ensure compliance requirements are verified and enforced throughout all phases of the application and infrastructure lifecycle including design, development, delivery, operations, and monitoring. Our platform engineers also specialize in helping organizations secure both PaaS or IaaS cloud environments by applying a structured approach to ensure that all enterprise resources are secured from inside and outside of the network. We have acquired and demonstrated this experience by designing, building, and operating mission-critical, highly secure, enterprise systems for both commercial and Federal Government organizations.

Tools & Technologies